Leadership in Sustainable Professions

The Leadership in Sustainable Professions is a free, semester-long program in the Student Sustainability Center under the School of Global Environmental Sustainability. The purpose of this program is to teach selected students how they can apply their degrees in a wide array of career opportunities, build a network of sustainability professionals, and communicate to learn about their field of interests beyond the classroom. The interdisciplinary nature of sustainability is becoming increasingly important in the private and public sector, and communication across government, business, science, etc. is highly valued in graduates. Acceptance into the program is competitive, and it is a unique building block for resumes and professional development for students at Colorado State University across all eight colleges.

Program Timeline

  • Resumes are due February 5th to the Director
  • February 21st - Orientation
  • February 28th - Workshop 1: Measuring Sustainability Training
  • March 21st - Workshop 2: Communicating Sustainability Training
  • April 11th - Workshop 3: Public Sector Panel Q/A
  • May 2nd - Workshop 4: Private Sector Panel Q/A

Spring 2017 Members

Shayna Underwood

Arabic and Environmental Engineering, Sophomore

Brooke McKenna

Finance, Junior

Julian Richards

Supply Chain Management, Senior

Micheal Quinn

Mechanical Engineering, Sophomore

Kacie Couch

Environmental Sociology, Junior

Dalten Fox

International Studies and Political Science, Sophomore

Rachel Vorwerck

Soil and Crop Sciences, Senior

Van Wallace

Economics, Ecosystem Science and Sustainability, Junior

Megan Ryan

Environmental Sociology, Senior